TW: depression, suicide

If there is one word that comes anywhere close to capturing what Christianity means to me, it would be the simple word “life”. I guess ‘life’ has lots of different implications, but in this case all of them would be true: Christianity gives me a...

Home. When I heard the theme for last term's CU week-long event, I thought it was beautiful and simple – and a perfect encapsulation of what it means to be a Christian.

Some of you may have read the blog post I wrote last year for the Everything in Colour blog. There, I...

I am someone that has spent far too much of my life concerned with what others think of me.

I have too often made decisions on the basis of the impact it would have on how others perceived me. When others seemed to think poorly of me, I found myself struggling; I felt I...

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These are the stories of students across Oxford University whose lives have been wonderfully changed by Jesus. Browse through; each story is different, but each points to a God who couldn't be more relevant for our lives today.

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