Before I came to university, I thought most of the problems I faced in life could be fixed by working harder. If I didn’t do as well as I wanted to in an exam, I just needed to push myself further in my revision. If someone didn’t seem to like me, I needed to put in mo...

I’ve been a Christian for what seems a really long time. In the Easter of 2011, after I had been on a Church camp, I remember sitting in a bedroom (known as the den) in my grandparents’ house and simply praying to God, recognising just how much I’ve fallen short of His...

I didn't really understand what a saviour was when I was growing up. My family wasn't religious, I didn't spend much time thinking about God, and I considered the Bible a rather inspirational myth. I believed that Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem riding a donkey in th...

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These blogs are the stories of students across Oxford University whose lives have been wonderfully changed by Jesus. Each story is different, but points to a God who couldn't be more relevant for our lives today.

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