Hola! Congratulations on getting into Oxford’s friendliest, kindest & cutest college! We’re so excited to meet you. Those two happy looking girls up there are us! We’re Immy (Classics & English, absolute banger) & Molly (Physics, insanely cool) & we’re leading Jesus CU.


If you’re here, then you’re probably interested in serving Jesus (the man and the college) here at Oxford. Our goal is to put seeking Jesus and sharing the good news at the heart of uni life. Being in community is so important, so we alternate each Wednesday between a chill bible study in chapel (where the heating is always on) or the pub before the main OICCU ‘Central’ meeting. We also have weekly Saturday prayer together and get involved in chapel; evensong is actually so much fun.


God’s love isn’t just for Christians, though. Jesus CU runs a few things, including BOP love (water/food/chats in the JCR during bops), welfare walks & the infamous text-a-toastie, where we answer people’s questions about our faith in exchange for a peng toastie.


The mission to pursue God with all our hearts, minds & souls is so exciting! Whether you’ve always been a Christian or you’ve never thought about it, we’d love to welcome you! If you want to know more about our loving, lovable, little community – drop us a message at or, or check out OICCU’s Facebook page.

Be blessed!