We are Julie (studying Engineering) and Jem (studying Law), the current CU reps for Lincoln and Brasenose colleges (2020-2021).

Brasenose/Lincoln CU is a small, friendly and welcoming community where we aim to encourage each other in loving Jesus and sharing his wonderful good news with our friends and colleges, We meet weekly in someone's room to read the Bible, pray together and chat over the tea of your choice. Every other week we go to the OICCU 'Central' meeting, which is a great opportunity to meet Christians from other colleges, as well as other OICCU events throughout the week. We also run outreach events such as 'Dial-a-Doughnut', where people can send in their questions about faith and we'll deliver them a doughnut and attempt to answer. 

We'd love to welcome you into Lincoln/Brasenose CU, whatever your faith/church background. Even if you've never heard anything about Jesus, we'd love to introduce you! If you have any questions about CU, finding a church in Oxford or anything else about Lincoln/Brasenose life, please drop an email - we'd love to hear from you.

Can't wait to meet you!

Love, Julie and Jem.

NB - our CU is also an excellent opportunity to 'love your neighbour' (Mark 12:31) and 'love your enemies' (Matthew 5:44) as Lincoln and Brasenose are both right next door and age-old rivals!