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Magdalen x Hilda's COLLEGE

Hello! I'm Eleanor, a second year engineer at Magdalen and I'm the CU rep for Magdalen and St. Hilda's this year.


OICCU is a welcoming place where we can all meet together, but college CU is where we really get to know each other. I hope that everyone, no matter their beliefs, background and whether they're from [REDACTED]* (the superior college) or not, can feel welcome at Magdalen and Hilda's CU.


One of the ways we get to know each other is through opening the Word of God (along with copious snacks) together, which is always a highlight of my week. We also encourage each other through prayer breakfasts and occasional socials.


Another joy of college CU is the community we share. Whether it's an encouragement to share or an essay crisis that needs consolation, the CU group chat is a fun place full of friends and fellowship. Additionally, one of the joys of College level CU is the informal meetings, chats and dinners you end up having together as we live and learn so close to each other. Another is the fun of breaking into other colleges with a bowl of fruit salad early on a Sunday morning.


Being part of college CU as well as OICCU as a whole really helped me to settle in and make strong friends of all ages in my first year and I hope to share the same with you!


Looking forward to seeing anyone who wants to come and share in fellowship in the coming year: fresher or finalist; atheist, agnostic or religious; introvert or extrovert - all are invited and all are welcome.


If you want to contact me/get added to the group chat/point out any grammatical errors that I've made (I am an engineer, this is probably the longest thing I've written all year), you can email me at and I'll try to respond asap!


See you soon,



*Redacted for the sake of CU harmony

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