magdalen COLLEGE

Hello to all freshers and new students! I am Hannah and I am the Magdalen and St Edmund’s Hall CU rep for this year (2021-2022). Welcome!

The CU is a great part of college life. We run CU college meetings every other week on Wednesdays, and OICCU holds centrals on the weeks we don’t meet as a college. In our college meetings, which we run on Wednesdays, we socialise, eat chocolate/biscuits, and explore a bible passage together, and just have some fun!

Especially for new students, the CU and OICCU is a great place to meet other people throughout the university. Anyone is welcome to join us: whether you are a Christian, have no clue what Christianity is, have questions or are just interested about Jesus and what he has to say. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus!

It is good to find a church in Oxford earlier on in the year, and we can help you find one! We will hopefully be able to take you in person to various churches that we are part of in Michaelmas Term, if Covid is finally conquered…

Do get in touch with me if you have any questions about the CU at Magdalen and St Edmund’s Hall.

My Facebook is Hannah Treece, and my email is