Mansfield COLLEGE

Welcome to Mansfield! Small and lovely, Mansfield is known to be an inclusive college that our CU has the joy to be a part of, and the immense privilege of sharing Christ’s love within.


We are both Rach(a)els in second-year! Rachel ( studies Human Science while Rachael ( reads Geography. We are at your disposal anytime if you have questions, need advice, or would just like a chat (from the exciting to the mundane- we’re all ears!) Feel free to grab us around college, too.

We are immensely grateful to God for our incredibly vibrant CU! Just like our college and God’s kingdom, our CU is extremely diverse and made up of students across nations and denominations. As Christ is the centre of everything we do, everyone is welcome to our CU and it is our goal to extend this love and welcome to the rest of our college - so that every student at Mansfield has the chance to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Us Mansfielders meet regularly throughout the term to read the Bible, pray together for each other and the college, and have fellowship over food. On alternate weeks, we go to Central together, which allows us to come together with the rest of OICCU (Oxford’s CU community) to listen to Biblical wisdom and understand how we can be equipped to share about the love, light, and life given to us by Christ Jesus to our friends in college. Other intercollegiate events include Monday Morning Prayer, an annual Events Week in the 4th week of Hilary, and other talks.

As a team, we endeavour to love and serve the students of Mansfield through initiatives such as Text-a-Toastie (where Mansfielders can text a faith-related question and chat about it over a toastie), Bop-care, and public discussions - for instance, we had a talk by our welfare tutor Andy Gossler on faith and evolution just last term!

f you’re a fresher or visiting student beginning in October 2019, please feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more. You may also wish to fill in this form to receive updates from us:

We are here for community and Christ, and are so looking forward to getting to know you!


Grace and Peace,