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Mansfield COLLEGE

Hi freshers, we’re so excited to welcome you to the Hertfield CU (Hertford/Mansfield)!


Josh (theology) and I (English literature) are your CU reps for this year and we are just really looking forward to meeting you all and getting everyone involved in all the events we have planned for this year in Oxford. We hope you are looking forward to meeting us and joining our community as wel! University is such a wonderful experience, and our CU will be a community that you can always count on for friendly faces, Bible studies, socials, morning prayers, brunches and much more.


Our hope is that every student in college has a chance to get to know us and respond to what we believe in, that Jesus Christ is our saviour. For students that have never got the chance to question what they believe in, we are here to support and encourage everyone in their personal journey with faith. Follow our Instagram page @hertfiedcu to stay up to date on everything we’ll have going on!

Much love, Josh and Tammy

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