pembroke COLLEGE



We are Allyna (a lawyer from Malaysia) and Deborah (a physicist from London), the current CU reps for Pembroke. Pembroke CU exists for us to support each other and grow in our love for Jesus together and also to share the good news about Jesus with others in college. We regularly meet for Bible studies, and for prayer meetings with the college chaplain. Every fortnight we join with all of the college Christian Unions to praise God, hear a talk and pray together. On Thursdays many of us go to Bible studies in churches in Oxford and on Sunday to Church. We also run a termly chapel service in college and outreach events such as ‘Text-a-Toastie.’


Whatever your Church background, however long you have been a Christian, or even if you are just curious about Christianity, you are most welcome at any of our events. If you would like to ask any questions about Christianity, what being a Christian is like in Oxford or about Pembroke CU in general feel free to contact us!