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Regent's Park

Hey! We are Tim (PPE) and Luke (PPE), and we are very excited to be the CU reps at Regent’s Park College this year (2022-23). 


Because of its small size, we have an amazing community at Regent's, and we're so excited to meet you and welcome you into our fantastic college! Since joining Oxford, Regent's and the CU have begun to feel like family, and made it so easy for us to make the city feel like our second home :)

We do so much as a college CU, and have many exciting plans for the coming year! We meet each Tuesday at 18:30 for dinner, and then have a bible study together. We meet each week for some early morning prayer, and on Wednesdays at 7.15 go together to the fortnightly CU Centrals (where all the college CUs gather together). We are also planning several outreach events over the coming terms, like leading college chapel services, and we are also trying to find ways to serve the college community together, including cleaning up after bops (college parties).


Our CU is full of so many different characters, personalities, and nationalities. No matter whether you've been a Christian your whole life, have just recently started to follow Jesus, or just wonder what Christians are so passionate about, there is a place just for you in the Regent's CU!

If you would like to get involved or have any questions, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a message on Facebook or email us at or

We are really excited to meet you!!


Tim and Luke :)))

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