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st Hugh's COLLEGE

Welcome to St Hugh's CU!

We're Karina (2nd year PPE) and Gabby (2nd year Music). We're the Christian Union reps for the best college (St Hugh's, in case that needed clarifying), and as a CU it is our desire that every member of our college gets the chance to experience the joy of knowing Jesus.


We're a close community who love to support each other in our aim to live for Christ through frequent meetings and close friendships We meet over a meal for a Bible study every other Wednesday and have weekly prayer breakfasts (as you can see, we're pretty big on the free food!). We also encourage smaller groups/one-to-ones to meet for Bible studies or prayer. We love to attend OICCU events together, such as (Central or the Search) or gather for games nights or movie nights in the JCR (snacks provided, as always!)

If you're a Christian, this is a great place to meet with other Christians in fellowship and grow closer to God through studying his word with other students. If you wouldn't call yourself a Christian, you're very welcome to come along, find out more, and ask any questions you may have in a low-pressure, non-judgmental environment. We'd love to have you along, regardless of beliefs or background.

If you're a member of the college, or will soon be joining it, we'd love to hear from you! We're here to help you feel welcome when you join college and answer any questions you may have about cu, church, Christianity, or living for Jesus at uni. Whether you would call yourself a Christian, you'd just like to find out more about Christianity, or you just want to meet some other students and enjoy some free snacks, you'd be so so welcome at any of our meetings!


You can get in touch at:

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