st Hugh's COLLEGE

Hellooooo!!! :) 

We are Emily and Aaron and we are the CU reps for St Hugh’s college! Emily studies music and Aaron studies chemistry. 

As Christians, we believe that we are called to serve both God and one another, and reflect Jesus through our lives by showing His love and living for Him. At St Hugh’s, the Christian Union meets on Wednesday even weeks (weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8) at 7:45 - 9pm where, typically, we fellowship with one another, spend time in God’s word and pray together, as well as eating food :) The CU at Hughs also does frequent college outreach events including giving out water and snacks at the thrice termly bops. 

We would absolutely love to see you at our Hugh’s CU meetings. Absolutely all will be made very welcome! 

If you have any further questions or just want to chat about anything, then add us on Facebook (Emily May Scholey and Aaron Jones) or drop us an email or We’d love to hear from you and are even more excited to meet you! :)


See you soon! :)