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st Hugh's COLLEGE

Welcome to St Hugh's CU!

Hello and welcome to St Hugh's Christian Union1

I’m Sandy (third year Law). I’m this year’s rep at Hugh’s and my job is to have the joy of getting to know you, to help us build Christian community within St Hugh’s, and in partnership to spread the love of Jesus and the good news of the Gospel throughout college. Whilst I’m officially the ‘rep’, there are plenty fellow Hugh’s veterans who’ll be involved too and can’t wait to meet you. 


The basic term-time plan would be to have a Bible study on weeks 2,4,6 and 8 of term (‘Central’, where the whole Uni CU gets together, is the odd weeks) and prayer meetings weeks 1,3,5 and 7. That’s fairly flexible depending on what works though. This is in no way the limit of what we do. We want to just hang out too. We sometimes head together to other OICCU events like Central. I’m personally hoping for some food-involving meetups also. More than that, Hugh’s can be a place where there is the opportunity to support one another in individual Bible studies and friendships. Plus, we always want to be outward-looking – hopefully outreach will be a big part of what we do this year. I’m eager to hear your ideas! 


Keep your eyes open too for freshers’ week events. We don’t want to overload you and we get that life gets busy quickly. But we do want to be a community you can feel at home in, and lean on, no matter how you’re finding the switch to Uni. 

Whether you’d call yourself a Christian already, just exploring faith, or even just looking to build community in college, we’d love to have you join. Please do get in touch either if you’re at St Hugh’s right now or arriving soon.


You can get in touch at:

Please feel free to find me on Facebook too (Sandy Macdonald) and drop a message.

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