What is christianity? 


What's the big deal about Christianity anyway? Isn't it the same as any other religion? Isn't it just another set of moral rules, traditions, and rituals? Isn't it alright for some but not for everyone? 


It can be difficult to figure out what Christians actually believe, but everything is centred and grounded in a person - Jesus. Want to find out about Christianity? Find out about who Jesus is.


Check out the amazing videos for a really wonderful summary. 


We have the amazing opportunity to run lots of events which include talks from absolutely world-class speakers. They often go head to head with challenging questions that we all ask - 'How can God allow suffering?', 'Does life have meaning?', 'How could a loving God judge me?', 'Did Jesus really rise from the dead?' and many others.


Click the link below to see some of the talks from our 2019 Events Week, which explored the theme of what it means to be Human.