trinity COLLEGE

Hello and welcome to the Trinity CU page, we are Abbie and Rachael, the Trinity CU reps this year.We both study English, but don’t worry, we don’t discriminate based on subject!

As a CU we come together as a small group of Christians from a variety of churches around Oxford, to read the Bible, chat, eat snacks and essentially praise our incredible God.

We meet every Wednesday, alternating between meeting as a college group and joining together with the whole of OICCU. In our college group we have a relaxed Bible study looking over a passage of the Bible and chatting and praying about it. Every other week we have the joy of coming together for OICCU central meetings, where we get to praise our awesome God together and think about how we can tell our university the amazing news about Jesus (often accompanied by an optional pub trip).

We would love to get to know you if you have any questions about CU, Jesus, or just life at Oxford/Trinity - we’d love to chat, please get in touch: