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trinity COLLEGE

Hi! We are the Trinity x St John's CU reps.


Our names are Phoebe who studies English and French, Lucy who studies Music, and Mary who studies Philosophy, Politics and Economics.


We are so excited to welcome you to our CU in October. We are passionate about community and studying the Bible together in the week.


Our set up is a Bible study every other week, followed by eating together, mixed with socials where we hang out or get some ice cream. We also have a couple of events in term time to share the great news of the Gospel with our college and our friends.


Our CU is a part of OICCU and so we love to join in on the events happening throughout term, including fortnightly Centrals where all the college CUs come together to worship God and study the Bible. All are welcome to come along, no matter how familiar you are with CU or Church, and really hope that you can stop by.


Feel free to ask questions or contact us here:,

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