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We are Sascha (studying Russian) and Haeun (studying French), your Wadham x Jesus joint CU reps this year. If you are an incoming fresher, congratulations on your offer! We are so excited to welcome you into our community this October. 


During our time as reps, our CU will be a welcoming and loving space full of friendly people who are passionate about Jesus and the Gospel. We would love to have you join our weekly meals every Wednesday which are followed by either a Bible study or Central (the uni-wide CU meeting which happens every other Wednesday) as well as our weekly Saturday Prayer Breakfasts. 


Whether you have been a Christian your whole life, or have never touched a Bible before, a current student or an incoming one, we can't wait to meet you and share our community with you! In the meantime, please do drop us emails or messages on Facebook if you have any questions about college/CU/church/freshers/anything or just want a chat. We are buzzing to get to know more about you! 


Sascha's email:

Haeun's email:

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