wadham COLLEGE

Hello and welcome to Wadham CU!


I’m Elizabeth, a second year studying Biology. At Wadham CU, we love reading and living out God’s word here in Oxford.


As Wadham CU rep it’s my job to help Wadham CU Freshers settle into church life, as well as sharing God’s word with fellow Wadhamites and running our fortnightly Bible study. Wadham is an open and exciting place to be a Christian in, with plenty of opportunities to also get involved in college life (Wadham is very sport, musical and arty- what’s not to love?!). I am so excited (an understatement) to meet you and will be praying that you have a safe and relaxing summer before you reach university.


I would love to get to know you before you arrive in Oxford- so feel free to email me at elizabeth.biggs@wadham.ox.ac.uk. See you soon! Elizabeth