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Christ church x Pembroke college

Hi, we’re Emma (Biochemistry, Pembroke) and Nina (Medicine, Christ Church) and we’re really excited to be your college Christian Union reps for the next year!


You’re so welcome to join us, whether you’d call yourself a Christian or have never opened a Bible in your life. Whether you’re full of questions or just want to sit back, eat free food and listen. We think Jesus is the best news ever, and would love to give every member of Pembroke and Christ Church the chance to explore what life with him really means in a warm and relaxed community.


We’ve got lots going on this year, both as the whole of OICCU (all Christian Unions from all colleges combined) and individually as the joint ChCh-Pembroke Christian Union. Everything we do is open to people of all faiths and none.


Wednesday evening:

We eat dinner together, and after that on odd-numbered weeks we go to Central: this is where we meet with wider OICCU to hear what the Bible has to say to us and worship God together. On even-numbered weeks we open up the Bible more informally just us.


Sunday afternoon: 

We meet to share snacks and come to God in prayer.


If you’ve got any questions about any of this, or if you have allergies or accessibility needs which you’d like us to be aware of before you come, please get in touch. 


We’d love to welcome as many of you as possible this year!


Nina and Emma :)

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