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Hello! We're Sophie (studying English at Pembroke) and Clara (also studying English at Christ Church), and we'll be Pembroke and Christ Church's CU reps for the coming year (2021-22). And I'm Joseph, a first year maths student at ChCh and an iRep for the next year. I grew up in Taiwan (including much of my first year ooP) but studied in an American international school before coming here.

Our joint CU is a really welcoming community of students from many different churches, who want to share the good news of Jesus with the rest of college. We meet to encourage one another and to grow in our faith together, through regular prayer and Bible studies. We are so looking forward to running more in-person events this year like Sunday brunch and ‘Text-a-Toastie’, (our events tend to involve free food wherever possible!). As well as this, we head together to OICCU's events such as Central and Monday Morning Prayer, for more Bible teaching, prayer, and fellowship with Christians from all the colleges. Church and OICCU gave us a sense of home and security in Oxford. (Reasons to come to church include but not limited to: a lot of free food and lovely postcards.)

Our events are open to all, so regardless of your background or beliefs, we'd love to welcome you and get to know you. If you have any questions, CU related or otherwise (or even just want to chat), we would love to hear from you so please do get in touch with any of us at: 

We can’t wait to meet you!

God bless, 

​Sophie, Clara, and Joseph :) x