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Corpus christi

Hello there! My name is Hannah (one of a small army of Hannahs in OICCU), I study English, and I'm the Rep for Corpus 2023/2024.


Corpus CU has a history of being as "small and friendly" as our college's unofficial motto proclaims, and that's an environment I am really eager to continue fostering over the next year and beyond. Put simply, our goal is to provide a safe-space for students to explore, discover and grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ, welcoming Christians, non-Christians, and not-quite-sure-Christians alike! 


Currently, we meet every Wednesday evening for a  shared meal and some wholesome conversation. Afterwards, we'll do a Bible Study or go to OICCU's main meeting (known as 'Central') on alternate weeks. We also run occasional outreach opportunities within college - most recently, 'Call a Cookie', and the less creatively titled 'Watermelon Outreach' in the college garden. 


It's very common, too, for Corpus CU members to bump into one another at the variety of events that OICCU run each week, so, as well as being inclusive to anyone interested in the Christian message, we get to know one another quite well! We have a small, but mighty, community; it's very grounding to see familiar faces around college, especially in your first couple of terms!


Congratulations on getting your offer/meeting your offer/even thinking about applying to Oxford in the first place! Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about Corpus CU, by emailing me here: 


I cannot wait to meet you!


In Christ,


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