exeter college



We’re Alice (2nd year Physics) and Josh (2nd year Earth Sciences) and we are really excited to be the CU reps for Exeter College this year.


Freshers – we can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into our college CU. Our community is made up of students from different years, churches and backgrounds and we are always looking to grow. We believe that meeting together is an integral part of our faith and we have loved having the opportunity to be supported by other Christians as we go through university.


We meet as a college CU on alternate weeks to catch up, pray and read the bible together (and of course there is always food!). We also join with other college CUs for a ‘Central’ meeting once every two weeks which is a great way to make friends with people across the whole university.


We want you to feel at home here at Exeter College, whatever your perspective on faith and life, so if you have any questions before coming to Oxford or once you arrive, or just fancy a chat and a biscuit, email us or add us on Facebook (Josh needs friends).




Josh and Alice