the i-team

Hi! We’re the i-Team, a team of students from different countries, cultures, colleges and subjects but drawn together in our love for God. We believe that Jesus died for everyone, from every part of the world, so we want to create opportunities for international students to learn about his promises and love for them.

We know the current situation is stressful, particularly if you’re feeling isolated, and we think that community is more important than ever. We'd love to invite you to TALKABOUT, our weekly discussion group on Zoom, to meet other international students and enjoy though-provoking discussions about big questions in life, culture, and society. Absolutely everyone is welcome - whatever your background, culture, or beliefs, we'd love to meet you and hear your thoughts!

We also want to offer the opportunity to discuss faith-related questions in your own language. Our Mandarin Language Community meets each week on Zoom and would love to welcome you, whatever your current speaking level. Each term, we run an international prayer meeting to bring together students from around the world and support one another and our home countries in prayer.

If you’re wondering why we think we have such good news to share, want to know more about what Christians believe or just want to make new friends, please do get in touch with us! Check out our international website to find a hub for stories, advice, and blogs for international students at Oxford, and join our 'Oxford International Hub' Facebook group to join the community and find out more.

Please feel free to drop us a message or email if you have any questions! (For example, a great question is: how many bubble tea shops does Oxford have? - the answer is currently 9!)

Talkabout - Wednesday - 8pm - Zoom


Do you like debate? Or do you prefer deep-meaningful-conversations about the big questions in life? Want to meet more international students? Or to practise your English in a relaxed, supportive environment?


We're starting a discussion group and we need your help! Talkabout is a weekly discussion for international students to meet other internationals in Oxford and to share experiences and perspectives on important topics in life, culture, and society. Each week we'll 'talkabout' a new theme - from trust and honesty, to community vs the individual, to living in the social media age.


We value the awesome diversity of experiences and perspectives in the world and welcome absolutely everyone. Whatever your background, religion, culture or beliefs we'd love to invite you to join us for an evening of discussion on topics that really matter.



We'll use the same Zoom details every Wednesday at 8pm:


Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 862 5183 0149

Password: 432540


Join our Facebook group to find out each week's discussion topic and RSVP to the event:

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