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Whether this is your first time coming to Oxford or if you’ve already been here for a couple of years, we’re so glad to meet you and we’d love to welcome you into our community! We’re the iTeam, a group of students from different colleges across Oxford. We come from different cultures and countries but are drawn together in our love for God. Our mission is to allow every student at Oxford, regardless of their background or culture, to be able to hear and respond to the gospel. We believe that Jesus died for everyone, from every part of the world, so we want to create opportunities for all students to encounter God and learn of His promises and love for them.


If you’re interested in getting to know other students from across the world, come and join us at Café 360. We’ll be playing board games, chatting and hanging out together over free bubble tea! More details will be available closer to the time, so join the Oxford International Hub on Facebook for the latest updates about our events and to become part of our community. We’ll also be taking the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving together later on in the year no matter if you typically celebrate it or not! If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch - we’d love to help out!! Looking forward to meeting you :)


For freshers arriving in Oxford this year, congratulations! To help you settle into the city, we’re running a week of events known as ‘International Welcome’ starting on the 27th of September. Expect game nights, tours of Oxford and much more, both online and in-person depending on quarantine regulations of the country you’re coming from or what you feel comfortable with. And if you have to quarantine, we’d love to send you a free goody bag to make it more bearable! Find out the schedule and sign up here:

 We also run a website, with a bunch of stories, advice and information that you might find helpful for moving to Oxford.

To get more involved in the Christian Union at Oxford, the first port of call would be your college CU and you can find the reps at your college here. Your college CU can direct you to both college-level bible studies and larger meetings across the university. We also run fortnightly international prayer meetings to bring together students from around the world and support one another and our home countries in prayer. You can find more details on the OICCU Noticeboard on Facebook. We also want to offer the opportunity to discuss faith-related questions in your own language, so we have a number of foreign language bible studies that meet regularly. Contact us if you’d like to know more!​

meet the team, see our events and find tips and stories about moving to oxford at our international hub. discover here

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