the i-team

Hi! We’re a group of students from different colleges across Oxford. We believe that Jesus died for everyone, from every part of the world, so we want to create opportunities for students from different cultural contexts to encounter God and learn about his promises and love for them.


     While the Covid-19 situation can be stressful for many students, particularly if you’re feeling isolated in your home country, or if you’re still in Oxford away from your family. We value the importance of community and would love to get to know you and support you however we can.  We want to invite you, wherever you are in the world, to join us on Zoom for our 'Virtual Potlucks' each week to share a meal, have some fun, and chat about the things that matter. We also want to offer the opportunity to discuss faith-related questions and learn more about the Bible in your own language. We currently have a number of small Language Communities, in Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and German. Another way in which we can support you is through prayer, and we run international prayer meetings to bring together students around the world.


     When the situation returns to normal and we return to Oxford, we’ll be continuing all of this in person! On Saturdays, we’ll host Potluck Lunch where you can meet new people, share food from around the world and discuss big questions of life. If you are an international student arriving in October, we'd love to warmly welcome you to Oxford by helping you carry your belongings to your college and inviting you to a social before Freshers' week begins. Just look out for us at the bus station!


     If you’re wondering why we think we have such good news to share, want to know more about what Christians believe or just want to make new friends, please do get in touch! Whether you're from the Christian faith, another faith, or no faith at all, we'd love for you to join the 'Oxford International Student Christian Network' group on Facebook where you can find out more about our events. Finally, please feel free to drop any of us a message or an email if you want to find out more about moving to Oxford, what OICCU does, or any other questions you might have. (For example, a great question is how many bubble tea shops does Oxford have? - The answer is currently 9!)