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Hello! Welcome to Keble Christian Union :) 


I’m Hannah, a geographer, and I’m your CU rep for this year. Congratulations on being accepted to study at Oxford, I hope you’re excited to get started. We care about our college community and want everyone to hear about the good news of Jesus that changes lives and hope to equip members to share their faith in Oxford. We are made up of many different subjects, churches and backgrounds but Jesus is at the heart of what we do. 


During term we have a few things going on alongside the many other things that OICCU runs. Prayer is important to us at Keble and we have a prayer breakfast every Sunday morning for pastries, fellowship and talking to our God. On even weeks we usually have a Bible study often followed by eating in hall together (bonus if lasagne is on the menu). We also have some lovely alumni who often join us or run events. Sometimes we just meet for a cup of tea! Keble CU aims to be a friendly place with a warm welcome. 


We want our CU to be a friendly place for those that are Christians or have never opened a Bible. There are so many opportunities when you’re here and Keble CU would love to meet you!


Do get in touch if you have any questions or even just want to say hello! In college, feel free to stop me for a chat if you see me round, or just drop me an email:

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