Hello! We're Stephen and Emily, your Keble CU reps for this year (2020-2021) :) If you're an incoming fresher, congratulations on your offer - you're fab - and we're so excited to welcome you into Keble this October.

Keble CU is an amazing, welcoming community full of extremely friendly people - definitely one of our favourite aspects of college! We meet every Wednesday to study a passage, and to pray for each other and our college over some food. On alternate weeks we head to Central (the uni-wide CU meeting) to worship together and hear from the Bible. We also love our pre-church Sunday brunches in the longest dining hall in Oxford! Every term we run in-college events like 'dial-a-doughnut', answering questions about faith from fellow Keble people through the medium of doughnut delivery!


Whether you've been a Christian since you can remember, have never touched a Bible before, are a current student or an incoming one, we can't wait to meet you! In the meantime, please drop us an email or a message on Facebook if you have any questions about Keble/CU/church/freshers/anything, or just want a chat. We'd love to get to know you :)

Stephen and Emily