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NEW x st. catherine's COLLEGE

Hey everyone! We are Jan, a second year Economics and Management (E&M) student, and Josh, also a second year E&M student and we are the St Catz and New college CU reps.


The St. Catherine's and New college CUs are joint, and we meet every Sunday morning for prayer and during the week for a Bible study. This is a time to catch up and chat about how College life is going over lots of food!


Being a student in Oxford can be such an eye-opening experience; it is a time where you are introduced to so many different world views and opinions and are given plenty of opportunities to explore your faith. My hope is that everyone will feel super comfortable in our CU, whether you see it as a place to deepen an already existing faith and find like-minded people, or whether the idea of God is something completely alien and New (forgive the pun) to you.


We have some great events planned throughout the year which will give everyone in our colleges the opportunity to discuss their views and strengthen their faith. Think formal dinners, picnics, and other (obviously) food-related events, all accompanied by deep chats and an insight into the Christian faith. 


So, no matter where you are in your faith journey, you will be incredibly welcome in our CU. 

CU all in October!


In Christ,

Jan and Josh


PS - feel free to get in touch over the summer if you have any questions, or if you just want to chat!

Our emails are: and

Also, take a look at if you want to meet some other Christian Freshers before term has started!

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