Grace and Peace to you all

Hello all, I’m Sainbayar, a Historian at New College. I am the CU rep for both New and St Catherine’s Colleges and am pleased to serve you. I believe I am a somewhat calm person with a deep sense of compassion and care for others. Having gone through a lot of hardship myself, I think I’m in an okay place to help you in yours, especially spiritually! Every week during termtime, I hold Bible studies co-ordinated with Regent’s Park College and am also planning some excellent events later on in the academic year; think CU meals out, Sunday morning tea (before church) and just fun fellowship-y hangouts :) Being your CU rep, I believe that my primary purpose in this role is just to serve and help you to foster an honest, dynamic relationship with our Father (and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is a big part of this! Direct or otherwise.) I would more than welcome any messages or conversations if you see me around or not! I am your servant! 


God bless,