Hi :) I’m Liz (music student), and am very excited to be the CU rep for New and Catz Colleges this year (2020/21).

Our Christian Union is an amazingly welcoming community :) CU exists for us to grow in our love for Jesus together and to work together/support each other in sharing the good news of Jesus with the rest of these two colleges! We meet regularly for CU bible studies, where we delve into God’s word and pray together (also usually featuring some excellent snacks and even more excellent chat), and also weekly prayer lunches in Hall. Fortnightly we come together with all the other college CUs for a main meeting with prayer, praise and bible teaching. Over the year we’ll be hosting events to share God’s love with the rest of college (which almost always involve free food..!) And on top of all of this, there is tonnes of OICCU stuff to get involved with, like Monday Morning Prayer, lunchtime talks and special events.

This may seem utterly overwhelming, but if you are an incoming Christian Fresher/visiting student I would really encourage you to get involved! College CU has been such a fabulous blessing to me over the past year: finding such a loving community centred around faith in college has really proved invaluable.

Having said this, uni is a great time to explore new ideas, so if you’re heading to New or Catz and aren’t a Christian/not really sure yet, we would also love to have you join us!! Our meetings (and OICCU events in general) are open to absolutely anyone who is interested, so definitely come along.

If you’re thinking of joining us, want to know more about Christianity, or have any questions about New x Catz CU (or even just fancy a random chat tbh), I would love for you to get in touch! My email is:


New x Catz love,

Liz x