st anne's


Hellooo !!

My name is Lily and I'm super excited to be the Anne's CU rep this year (2020-21)! I study Portuguese and Linguistics (bit niche I know!!) and I'm absolutely loving life here (much to the surprise of my pre-Oxford self ;))

If you aren't yet aware, St. Anne's is hands down one of the most fun and friendly colleges - (if you're coming here you've been landed with a gem!!) Our CU is a gorgeous little group of people who simply have a shared love and/or interest for our incredible God and Father - everyone's faith looks different, and that's what makes our community even richer. So regardless of where you stand with faith, whether joining Anne's soon or heading into finals ... we'd LOVE to meet you and chat about quite literally anything!

Currently, we meet every other week for a Bible study (with s n a c k s of course) to get to know God and each other better. On the alternative weeks, we join with the wider inter-collegiate CU for our central meeting! We also have a CU breakfast every week, where we meet to hold each other and Anne's in prayer, as well as to catch up!!

Can't wait to meet you!

Lily :)

PS. I really really do love talking (even online!!) so please do please drop me an email: - whether you have some deeper spiritual questions, wonder what life at Oxford is really like, or just fancy a chat!