balliol COLLEGE

Hi there! We are DP and Zoe, and we're heading up the CU for Balliol for 2021-22. First off let us say well done for being accepted into one of the two friendliest colleges in Oxford! 


We meet together from a variety of churches and backgrounds to support each other and grow together in our love for God, as well as to equip each other to share the good news of Jesus with our colleges. We meet every week, alternating between engaging Bible studies as a CU (where we chat through a Bible passage, catch up and pray for each other) and meeting as a uni-wide CU (an event known as Central). We also run plenty of in-college events such as CU brunches and going to formals together. One of our favourites is 'Dial-a-doughnut' where we reach out to our colleges by delivering doughnuts and answering questions about Christianity (you may notice that our plans often involve food wherever they can!).  


We can't wait to meet you, whether you're an incoming fresher or have been studying at Oxford for a while, whether you're a lifelong Christian or have never been to a Christian event before! If you’d like to find a church in Oxford, we’d love to come along with you. 


If you have any questions (or just want to say hi- we'd love to chat!) please do get in contact with one of us either by facebook or by email -

Can't wait to see you!

DP and Zoe