balliol COLLEGE

Hey there! :)


I’m Jedidiah (aka Jed), the rep for Balliol CU this year. A little bit about me: I’m from Singapore, am studying Law, am currently involved in serving the homeless in Oxford, and 10/10 would be up for a game of ping-pong in the college JCR.


Balliol CU is a friendly and welcoming bunch, and we would absolutely love to have a chat/grab a meal with you at any time. Oxford’s Christian Union meet every Wednesday, with “Central” meetings on odd weeks of term, and have  bible studies for the Balliol CU in even weeks! “Central” is an event run by OICCU where we join CUs from colleges across Oxford in growing our relationship with the Lord. At Central, we have worship, a short talk, and wonderful opportunities to meet fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Balliol Bible studies are an excellent place for us to discover more about the gospel, share our lives and struggles, and to just build this wonderful community together.


As a CU, we’re passionate about sharing the gospel with this college in which we’re placed: “And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14) We believe that no one is here by chance - the friendships we have, the activities we’re involved in, and even the subjects we’re studying, are divine appointments for us to be salt and light to the people around us, especially those in Balliol. Yet not by human endeavour, but by Jesus’ grace alone.


By His grace, our mission is to give Balliol students the chance to engage with the Christian faith, whether by giving out freebies in college (e.g. ice-cream!) or by inviting them to talks and other events that give them a chance to investigate the faith.


Whether you’re new to Balliol, or feel like you’ve been here forever, we would love to see you at some of our weekly meetings and welcome you into our CU community. Please get in touch via Facebook (Jedidiah Andrew) or email me at if you have any questions at all - whether about CU, college, or anything about Christianity in general! Looking forward to meeting you :)


God bless!