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Merton X ORIEL

Hello! Welcome to Merton x Oriel Christian Union :)  

I’m Charis, a second year studying History and English, and I have the joy of being your CU rep for this year.  


Our Joint CU aims to be an open welcoming space where no matter what you think or believe you can ask any questions you have, and together we can explore who Jesus is and how He can have a positive impact on our own lives, college, and university. 


We meet every Saturday evening to share dinner together followed by a Bible study because we believe God has given us the gift of community, to encourage one another and build each other up in our faith so that we can live more like Jesus. As a CU we seek to love and serve our colleges in a way that points people to God’s love for them, demonstrated through Jesus’ death on the cross.  


We are convinced that the news about Jesus is the best news anyone can hear and so the CU exists to share this good news with our college! 


We also love to go to the many different OICCU events together that happen throughout the week such as Central, Oxford Big Questions, or Monday Morning Prayer. There are so many different events happening that there is sure to be something for everyone!  


If you have any questions about CU, Merton College, being a Christian at Oxford, or would like help getting stuck into a church please feel free to get in touch:  

You can also find out more about what our CU gets up to: @mertonoriel_cu

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