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This page is regularly updated with the events that we run during term time, both to reach out to the wider student community and to equip and encourage Christian students to live out their faith at university. We would love to see you there! Many of our events have been disrupted due to the pandemic, so keep an eye on the OICCU Noticeboard on Facebook for updates. See our Trinity term card with more details below.

TT20 Term Card


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The Search
Explore the Bible
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Details TBC!



Bringing you the answers to some of the big questions we have about life, God, and the Bible. A new discussion addressing each topic will be held every week.

Find out more and submit your big questions here.


7:30pm, Mondays, Costa Coffee (on Queen's Street)

Discover Hope. Find Community. 

We want to invite you to an opportunity each week to slow down, bring your questions, look at the claims of Jesus, and chat about the things that matter. Get involved and find out more by joining our Facebook group and following @thesearchoxford on Instagram! Additionally, text 'search' to 88802 to stay updated each week (it's completely free)!

Bring your questions.

Look at the sources.
Is there more to life than this?


7pm, Fridays every weeks, Formosan Tea Bar

​Hungry for answers, community, or food? Bring your lunch, your friends and your questions and perspectives to meet with others (location TBC) as we bring an international and multi-cultural perspective to the ideas that OICCU is thinking about this term - found, loved, freed, rescued and changed.


Join the Oxford International Hub group on Facebook to find more information about the topics we will be discussing each week. You can also find out more about all our international events here.


Always wanted to read it but never had the time? Perhaps you've been intrigued, confused or even hurt by the claims of Christianity? Whatever your background or belief, we would love to offer the chance to read the Bible with someone - see what it says for yourself.

Many have more time on our hands - why not make friends and read one of history's most significant books?

At this link you can sign up to read the Bible in a relaxed way, one-to-one or in a discussion group, or even with a friend if you want!


For linguists and foreign language speakers to come together in community, practice speaking their language, and discuss big questions in the world today. Welcoming speakers of all abilities, cultural backgrounds and faiths to join us on Zoom for groups in  French, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. If you speak any of these languages and would like to get involved, feel free to email to find out more information!

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Next event TBC!

Join us for a wonderful acoustic night featuring performances of music, stories and poetry from students across the university, both Christian and non-Christian, sharing their perspectives on a chosen theme for the evening.

This is a fantastic, informal social evening, a chance both to enjoy a whole range of live performances and to explore and consider each unique take on the theme at hand, and reflect on what your own perspective on it might be.

Hosted by the Phoenix Arts Collective!

Cafe 360
New Things
Foreign Langage Communities


If you’re on Facebook, click here to join the OICCU Noticeboard and keep up to date with what’s going on.

Monday Morning Prayer

Wednesday (odd weeks), 7:30pm, Location TBC! Check noticeboard for updates

Join us for OICCU's opportunity, every other week, to meet as a university-wide mission team: catching up with old friends, making new ones, praying, praising, and hearing a visiting speaker open God's Word with us.


We're so excited to be able to meet in person for Central this term, and it’s our prayer that you’ll be inspired and equipped to serve and witness to your colleges and friends. We’d love to welcome you into the family!



9:00am, Mondays, location TBC

We believe that prayer is powerful. We're so excited to be able to meet for prayer in person every Monday morning as we begin the week focusing ourselves on God, committing ourselves to Him and asking for His will to be done in the week ahead! 

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Art is beautiful and powerful. But what does it mean to create as a Christian? How can I glorify God in my art? Can my work be 'worship' and self-expression?


God is a creator God, so it makes sense that we'd be creative, too. We'll be thinking about how faith and the arts intersect, and how to live for Christ even and especially in artistic endeavours.

A support network for students, a free space for sharing art (yours or someone else's!) and opportunities for discussion and creation. Join the conversation and get involved on our Facebook page here

Schola Metaphysicae 2.jpg

Wednesday, 1pm

A support network and space for Theology students to discuss tensions between faith and academic theology, and be equipped and encouraged as witnesses for the gospel. Theology students who don't share our convictions are also very welcome to consider how their studies might intersect with faith.


Join us (details TBC) as we look at questions from essays and classes that pose academic challenges to our spiritual lives.

Come and get involved - join our Facebook group here.

Image by Andrew Butler


Join us as we pray specifically  for international students, their home countries, and the wider world,whether you yourself are an international student or not.


We believe in uniting all Christians around the truths of the gospel, and we want to support each student, near or far, during these uncertain times. Join us as we commit our international community, in Oxford and further afield, to God. Check the OICCU Noticeboard group on Facebook for more information.

Phoenix Arts Collective
International Prayer
Theology Network
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