Friday and Saturday of 0th week, 7:30-9pm, St Ebbe's, 2 Roger Bacon Lane

We would love to welcome you to your new home with a free three-course dinner, live music and short talk about Jesus. 


Monday, 7:30pm

Costa Coffee on Queen St

Life in Oxford is crazy. There never seems to be time to slow down and consider things beyond the next essay, night out or exam. As the Oxford CU, we would love to invite you to a night where you can slow down and explore the most important questions of life over some free coffee, cake and company. 

Bring your questions.

Look at the sources.
Is there more to life than this?


Fridays, odd weeks,1:10-1:50pm

Fitzhugh Auditorium, Cohen Quod, Walton St.

Free Lunch


Take a break from work, grab yourself a free lunch, and come along for a short, engaging talk on a challenging issue.

Wk 1 - Is faith a leap in the dark?

Wk 3 - Has feminism freed us yet?


Wk 5 - Is there more to life than being happy?

Wk 7 - The story of Jesus - hoax or history?


Justin Briefley and Rationality Rules: Is it rational to be a Christian?

Fitzhugh Auditorium, Cohen Quod, Walton St.


CAFE 360

Friday, 6:30pm

Formosan Tea Bar​

​OICCU invites you to Café 360: a welcoming community and a space to befriend people from other cultures, chill out over games and bubble tea, and chat about Christianity. For international and UK students alike! Find us just off the High Street.


Tuesday, 4th week, 7:30pm


Jesus loves to speak into our hearts and minds through our creativity. New Things is a night to enjoy music, poetry and stories from some incredibly talented artists based in Oxford, who will be sharing some personal stories of faith as well.



If you’re on Facebook, join the OICCU Noticeboard to keep up to date with what’s going on: facebook.com/groups/600228057001826/


Wednesday (odd weeks), 8pm

Wesley Memorial Church

Central is OICCU's opportunity, every other week, to meet as a university-wide mission team: catching up with old friends, making new ones, praying, praising, and hearing a visiting speaker open God's Word with us. It’s our prayer that you’ll leave better inspired and equipped to serve and witness to your colleges and friends. We’d love to welcome you into the family!


Monday, 7:45/8am

Exeter College Chapel

We believe that prayer is powerful. Come and join us for breakfast (7:45am) and prayer (8:00am) every Monday morning at the beautiful Exeter College Chapel as we begin the week focusing ourselves on God, committing ourselves to Him and asking for His will to be done in Oxford in the week ahead!