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who do you say i am? mighty god.

‘when we think about Jesus as 'mighty God', it is tempting to think of a powerful yet detached ruler who wlll at best grudgingly forgive us with a stern word and a frustrated eye roll when we mess up. this is not the kind of mighty Jesus is. part of his might is found in his incredible capacity and eagerness to forgive us when we mess up time and time again, in his gentleness and tenderness towards us when all we deserve is his wrath. knowing that i have this kind of mighty god with me has been such a comfort in the chaos of oxford university life. whatever happens Jesus is in control, but even more importantly whenever i mess up i do not face Jesus mighty and frustrated, but i get to turn to Jesus mighty and gentle. for me there is nothing more freeing and encouraging than that.’

- jed, first year PPE, st. catz


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